Do you have Analytics?

Do you have Analytics?

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What are Analytics?

Analytics is term that means to analyse data and statistics. When it comes to websites, this is where you can analyse data from your website. So what kind of data can you actually obtain from a website? You can get anything from your current visitors to the most viewed page and even how long each user or the average user spends on certain pages.


Google Analytics - Graphs

Why do you need them?

When it comes to running a business, you want to engage users in certain areas of your website as much as possible. For example, you want to get users to your site and keep them there to purchase items from your website or contact you about your services. In order to master this, you are required to know what is attracting visitors to your website and what pages they are visiting.


Google Analytics - Visited Pages


If you notice a lot of people are accessing your ‘About us’ page, then you know that it might be a good idea to add something to that page that will draw your visitors in further such as a contact form, your contact details or links to products you want to sell to the visitors.

Analytics can also help you work out if your website is cost effective enough for your business. If for example, you spend £1,000 on a fully working ecommerce website but you’ve only earned £50 in the first month and attracted 10 visitors to your website, you know that something isn’t quite right and your website isn’t really needed. However, if you can see that you’ve spent £1,000 on a website and you are making over that in profits each month, you know your website is a huge success and work keeping.

They can also be used to find out where your users are coming from. If you advertise as a UK business but most of your views and purchases are from other countries, you can use this information to work out if your business needs expanding further.

Basically, Analytics can be a huge help when it comes to running a website or a business online. They allow you to monitor your website and work out how to make your business bigger and better.


Google Analytics - Following users around

Where can I get analytics?

We recommend using Google Analytics as they offer such a great service and it’s really simple to setup and get going. Once you are setup, you can start collecting all kinds of data from how many visitors are on your website at live, what pages are the most popular with your audience and all of this is formatted in easy to understand graphs, charts and tables.

Using Google for Analytics will help you monitor your website with ease as it contains many tools and different kinds of information about your website that makes it perfect for those new to analytics or those who have been using them for a long time.