Easy Editing

Control Panel

We designed our control panel to be extremely easy to use for our customers. This way once we have built your website, you can make as many changes as you want without having the hassle of contacting us.

Here is a picture of our control panel. This is the main area where you are able to view all your pages and decide which you would like to edit. The icons on the left of each page allow you to do the following; delete the page, turn the page on or off, reorder the page, view any sub pages, and edit the selected page. Below is an example of editing a page.

Editing Content

Here is an example of the control panel in use on a service page for a local locksmith. In the left column you can see text which the customer has inserted and edited himself. In the right column is some adverts showcasing his services. Here he can click on the pencil icon to easily change the image
and its properties.

Text Editor

This is an example of our text editor system. As you can see, it's very similar to most text editing software, allowing you to change fonts, text size, colours, alignments and more.

Every website's text editor is styled up to match the look and feel of the website to ensure a fluid transition between editing and viewing. This also allows you to see an accurate representation of the content before publishing it for your visitors to see.