Has Google dropped your SEO Rank?

Has Google dropped your SEO Rank?

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This post is going to show you the perks of having a responsive website and why is vital in this day and age for your website to be responsive.


What is responsive?

Responsive means that the websites responds to changes in the browser size to ensure that the content always fits on the page. The main reason for this is making sure that your website looks and functions well on mobile browsers as well as desktop browsers.

This is now the mainstream method of making a website function on a mobile browser as opposed to using a separate website for mobile users that runs on a subdomain such as mobile.example.com. This is because this method doesn’t require a separate system and doesn’t require a redirect when the visitor is using a mobile browser.


How does this affect SEO?

Google uses a form of checklist to work out how optimised your website is for a search engine. The better you score, the more chance you have of being found on Google and other search engines.

Responsive is a important portion of these checks as Google now favors responsive websites over non-responsive as well as showing a new label on mobile browsers alerting the user that a website is Mobile Friendly.


How are websites made responsive?

Websites are made responsive by using specially crafted CSS rules. CSS is the code that is used to style your website. Using media queries, the code is able to change the way your website is styled depending on the current size of the browser as well as the orientation of the browser.


Test your website now!

Google has released a great tool for checking if your website is friendly for mobile devices. Click the link below and enter your website address to quickly test if your website is responsive.



Test your website now!

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