SEO Lite from £499

You will be provided with a complete overview of your website from an SEO point of view. You will also receive a full report letting you know how Google currently sees your website, we can also show where you rank on any given search terms.

The report will also provide a full technical appraisal of your website and suggest where changes need to be made. You will benefit from feedback and comments about your website structure and also how we feel about the customer journey and user experience.

SEO Lite goes further, you will also be provided with additional information about your competitors, we can analyse how they are ranking, we can even report on what they are spending on Google Adwords. You'll gain an insight in how the highest ranking sites are achieving their position on page one and how you could improve your website content to improve your rankings.


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Is SEO Lite the right package for you?

  • This is also a great starter package, it will identify any problems with your existing SEO
  • You will learn what you need to change to improve your rankings
  • It will reveal any technical problems with your website too
  • You will also learn how your key competitors are gaining their Google Rankings and how you can compete
  • You'll gain an insight to what your competitors are spending on Google Adwords
  • Looking for more? Then consider SEO Pro, this will also include a complete re-write of all the critical SEO Data by QBD Experts, giving you the complete SEO solution.

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