SEO Plus from £999 + Ongoing Monthly Payments

SEO Plus from £999 + Ongoing Monthly Payments

If the Pro package is described as simply awesome, the SEO Plus package is simply amazing, you'll receive everything in the SEO Pro package and benefit from ongoing monthly support based on a range of agreed services.

You will be provided with a complete overview of your website from an SEO point of view. You will also receive a full report letting you know how Google currently sees your website, we can also show where you rank on any given search terms.

The report will also provide a full technical appraisal of your website and suggest where changes need to be made. You will benefit from feedback and comments about your website structure and also how we feel about the customer journey and user experience.

You will also be provided with additional information about your competitors, we can analyse how they are ranking, we can even report on what they are spending on Google Adwords. You'll gain an insight in how the highest ranking sites are achieving their position on page one and how you could improve your website content to improve your rankings.

You will receive all the SEO data created by QBD as needed and agreed to improve your rankings. We then provide additional reports at a later stage showing how the ranking has improved since the SEO data was added.

The QBD Plus package then provides an ongoing monthly review, you'll agree how many hours a month you would like us to work on your SEO and which reports are needed and at what frequency. This ongoing service will ensure that your website remains highly ranked, we can also continue to work on key search terms and explore new key phrases that will bring additional audiences and increased sales leads and revenue to your business

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SEO Plus - keeping you ahead of your competitors.

  • This is a highly customisable package that can be developed around your business needs.
  • QBD will review your entire website and re-create all the critical SEO Data.
  • You will also receive a complete review of all websites content with suggestions made of the recommended changes.
  • Detailed analysis of your competitors and how to move ahead of them in search engine rankings.
  • Comprehensive reports on all SEO related issues and how to fix them.
  • QBD Experts on hand for monthly reviews and ongoing SEO Data updates as needed.

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Improve your Rankings using QBD Experts

Getting to the top of a search engine can seem like a distant dream for many companies, and yes it is tough at the top! But working with QBD and our range of affordable SEO products and services has made this a reality for our clients. Find out how QBD can help make higher rankings a reality, not just a dream.



"My website was difficult to find in Google and the number of sales leads was virtually nil. QBD has transformed my business, I now rank on page one for many of my key phrases and my website produces a steady flow of enquiries, the ongoing monthly support means I continue to rank well too. I can't rate these guys highly enough, thanks Team QBD"

John Steel @ Strictly Mortgages