Shine some light on your images

Shine some light on your images

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What is an Image Gallery?

Our image gallery widget allows you to insert more than one image onto the same space of a page. This can allow for better space management and also looks sleek and professional without overcrowding your website.

Why not just use an image?

Image galleries allow for multiple images to be added to 1 space on your page or grouped together. This is useful if you would like some of your images being in the same place such as those relating to a single topic or location. This also allows visitors to click the small images and get a full screen preview of the image for greater detail and also a comment which you can add to each image.

The image gallery widget is also created to work with almost any website layout and device on that website.

How do I add image galleries to my website?

Adding image galleries is easy to do and very quick. First of all, navigate to your website’s control panel and login. Then select the Pages & Content tab, click the page you would like to add this too and click Add Content on the column. Now from here, you can select the Image Gallery option.

If you don’t see the Image Gallery option when trying to add content, simply contact us and we will enable this feature for you!


To conclude on this widget showcase, the image gallery widget allows you to make customisable image galleries that look good no matter where you place them with very little work to be done by you.