Sunset Service and Repair are a local service and repair garage for the VW group. They specialise in all Audi, VW, Seat and Skoda cars and are based in the center of Derby. They have very friendly and knowledgeable team and are always happy to help.

What we did for them

Sunset Service and Repair were very interesting in working with Google to become high in the rankings. They wanted a website that not only looked good but performed well on Google. Their original aim with the website was to get 1 lead from it a month which would pay for the site but now they get closer to 15 leads a month.

The team at Sunset are asways keen to lean how to improve the website and get more from it. They use lots of the features including one feature which allows customers to be sent an email reminder about their MOT being due.

Website Key Features

  • MOT service reminder widget
  • Social Media integration and Feeds
  • Advanced CSS
  • High impact full width banners